The summer sun and a taste of history

It’s said that Vaasa is the sunniest city in Finland. To be honest, right now that statement seems true to me. I’m currently sitting in my office on Kultsa’s second floor, having a window with curtains hiding most of it next to me. No doubt: it’s sunny! But is it sunnier in comparison to all the other cities out there in Finland? How do we even determine that?

Maybe we shouldn’t think about it too much. Besides Vaasa being sunny right now, we also have landmarks that make us stand out from the crowd. This specialty doesn’t come because of the landmarks are just seemingly breathtaking (even if it’s a big portion in determining that) but rather the history behind them is fascinating.

Vaasan rauniot is an area located in Vanha Vaasa and it contains relics of Vaasa’s burn in 1852. The burn is interesting especially since we don’t know what or who caused it. There have been multiple suspects over the years but no conclusions can be made since it’s unlike there would be evidence left or even suspects alive. Also, during the Finland’s civil war in 1918, the state senate was located in Vaasa. It’s amazing how Vaasa had had the honor of serving as such a crucial part of state leadership since nowadays it’s all located in Helsinki.

But no one can deny that our history is fascinating. And to familiarize yourselves more with it, I suggest that every and each one you takes a round over the city and learns a bit of Vaasa’s history.

Have a great summer! 🙂

~ Jesse Kurunsaari